Put your localhost into The Internet

Most of the developers do their works on localhost. I am using my ubuntu machine installed with apache2, mySql and PHP5 for my works.

If one of my clients wants to access my localhost to check my works, I have to either buy a host [still, it is the best idea], having large space so that I can add my development; but it costs time and money. Even if money is not a matter, none of the companies do the registration within an hour or so; or we have to find a free-host for php and upload the files [the worst choice], having very limited resources sometimes it won't work.

What if we can make available our localhost in to Internet?. Most of the coders have the Internet facility, which is always connected, probably the systems have very less downtime. Even I slept for hours I never let my system to sleep. I think most of the coders have the same habit.

We just need to have a domain name which addresses our IP. IP in Internet is dynamic, it is automatically set to one IP dynamically, we can call it dynamic IP. If we are trying buy a host name and set it to our IP, then difficulty comes here, the issue with dynamic IP. If there is a technology that automatically tracking the IP changes, the problem is solved.

The solution for this problem is here: https://www.dyndns.com/

Dynamic DNS Free (DDNS) allows you to create a hostname that points to your home or office IP address, providing an easy-to-remember URL for quick access. They also provide an update mechanism which makes the hostname work with your dynamic IP address. DynDns have about 10 years of experience in DDNS, so they are planning to move on with the free service. In a free account you can create upto 5 hostnames, that means home,office, laptop and two more blah blahs ;-).

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