Browser Cache or AutoComplete

I am currently working as a Project Lead for a local search engine project, there was a problem which is remained unsolved in our bugzillla [ wikipedia]. The problem was, in our keyword field, we are using an Ajax[wikipedia] suggestion. When we re-use the same window a browser generated suggestion came up over our suggestion, its make lots of difficulties on showing suggestion.

My client noticed it is a useless thing which should be removed asap. My team worked on it and find no solution for this. We made a decision that, it is due to browser cache which is unable to remove by any sort of codes.

Last day, I went to online bank account to check my balance when I logged out, I tried to log in again. Then I noticed that there is no these type of cache is presented. Then check the same of another bank, result is same no cache.

What I do next is check the html code and I found there is an option said autocomplete.

I tried the same wonder, the problem is solved.

<input type="text" id="user" style="width:200px;" autocomplete="off" />

Hope your problem is also solved.


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