Privileged commands without sudo

Motive: Bring out some specific commands like shutdown, restart from sudo restriction.
Example: #sudo reboot to #reboot

Site attacked by Malwares

Last night was so weary !!, one site I worked with was attacked by malware and those who visited this site resulted hanging up their computer some lost their OS, even some says they lost their computer completely. Site owner called me and requested me to check the problem immediately. Tell you the truth, it was my first experience with malware attacks.

Shells: What is grep

From my last post [ link ], some of you may noted the use of grep command, I used for process search. grep is a Unix command that allows you to search for a pattern in a list of files [ man Page ]. We are going to test usage with /etc/passwd file.

The passwd file is used for storing encrypted-passwords for the users. Without a passwd file no one can able to login again. So it is better to make a copy of it before we accidentally delete or edit the file, even we are not intended to do so.

Shells: Search Processes

Motive: My aim is to check the process and also have the facility for search string and getting details about running services.

As I need to check it regularly, so I created a shell script for check that.