My Experience on CC chat session with

I have ordered a wireless router from a trusted seller of ebay. Even after contacted em over phone, they are not seems to send it, and I want this item urgently. As a result of this, I took a move to ask CC chat help on this which cost more than one hour . This is the copy paste of my chat.

PERL script for auto-generating screenshots

There is so many ways to generate screenshots on linux machine, like ksnapshot,
gnome-screenshot etc. There is one more command available is '
import'. It is used for capture some or all of an X server screen and save the image to a file in the system. Try this on your system. On Terminal try:
$ import test.png
You can find that the mouse pointer changes to cross-hair. Draw a rectangle using your mouse, it will captured and saved it to your home directory named test.png. If you try this instead import
root test.png
it will took all the screen and save automatically. From this I  developed a perl script to schedule to get automatic screenshots. Here is the code.

Auto generated MySQL backup Using PHP

Many sites are using MySQL as database. It is a good practice that taking backup in regular intervals. My aim was to develop a package which deliver me database backup files [ having extension .sql] and mail me with the file as attachment.

You can download[ link ] this package from[ link ]