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I have ordered a wireless router from a trusted seller of ebay. Even after contacted em over phone, they are not seems to send it, and I want this item urgently. As a result of this, I took a move to ask CC chat help on this which cost more than one hour . This is the copy paste of my chat.

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10:52:16 System
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10:52:16 System
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10:53:21 Kaustub
Hello, Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Kaustubh. How may I assist you today?
10:53:57 thecoderin
Hello, Myself ***** a computer engineer. I have ordered a wirelsess router 9 days before and still not shipped. Is it possible to cancel my order ?
10:54:21 Kaustub
10:55:16 Kaustub
In that case you need to contact the seller only he can cancel your order
10:56:36 Kaustub
only seller can cancel your order ask him to sent the cancellation form .
10:56:36 thecoderin
I have contacted the guy over phone yesterday and promised to courier it by yesterday itself. But still seems not couriered as promised
10:57:22 thecoderin
So I need to send an email from ebay asking for the cancellation form
10:58:00 thecoderin
right ?
10:58:06 Kaustub
Okay so you want to cancel the order because seller shipped yesterday.
10:58:29 thecoderin
seller not shipped after long nine days
10:58:43 Kaustub
Sorry ,only seller can cancel the order .
10:58:43 thecoderin
I cannot wait any longer
10:59:05 Kaustub
10:59:24 thecoderin
Thats it. Thank You Sir
10:59:46 thecoderin
Can I copy this conversation ?
11:00:38 thecoderin
seems like copy and print button are not working
11:00:41 Kaustub
so please don't if the seller has not shipped it for last 9 day's system will automatically generate your refund
11:01:28 thecoderin
Okay thats fine. I can wait today also.
11:01:36 Kaustub
.Please help me with your eBay User ID.
11:01:43 thecoderin
11:02:11 Kaustub
yes you can surely copy this conversation for your reference
11:03:31 Kaustub
Please be online.
11:03:35 thecoderin
Thank you sir. I can wait one more day before go n fetch it from local retailer.
11:03:40 thecoderin
11:05:21 Kaustub
let me check
11:09:16 Kaustub
can you tell me it was for which item
11:10:54 thecoderin
Wireless Router G Linksys by CISCO WRT54GH 1Yr Warranty (160642644130)
11:11:04 thecoderin
Hope you can see that
11:26:20 thecoderin
u there?
11:39:53 thecoderin
You need more time ?
11:41:02 System
Your agent has been disconnected from the system, you are now being transferred to your original queue. Please stand by...
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11:48:52 System
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11:48:57 Mukesh C.
Hello, Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Mukesh C. How may I assist you today?
11:49:44 thecoderin
Can you see my old chat that left by Kausthub or I need to tell you the whole story again ?
11:50:52 Mukesh C.
You wanted to cancel the transaction .
11:51:03 thecoderin
long story short yes.
11:51:25 Mukesh C.
well you need to contact the seller
11:51:32 Mukesh C.
only he can cancel the transaction .
11:51:43 thecoderin
my ebay user id is: *********
Item I want to be cancel is Wireless Router G Linksys by CISCO WRT54GH 1Yr Warranty (160642644130)
11:53:11 thecoderin
Okay. Thanks. Its been bad to waiting an hour to get this answer.
I want to post this on my blog but seems neither the copy button nor the print button is working
11:54:32 Mukesh C.
I told you only seller can cancel the transaction
11:55:50 thecoderin
I heard it sir. I wonder why Kausthub ask me to be online if that is all.
11:56:14 thecoderin
and left the session without any prompt.
11:56:43 Mukesh C.
I truly apologise however you have to contact the seller for the same to resolve your concern.
11:57:57 thecoderin
Oh that's great of you. Anyway I have wasted more than enough time for this. We all have 24 hrs a day son. Good Day.
11:58:05 System
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